Privacy policy (updated 3.5.2020)

Register holder and its contact details

Gene Lab Solutions (VAT # FI28440841)

PO Box 17



Content of register

The information recorded in the register includes customer's first name, last name, street address, zip code, city, country, email address, phone number, language, and currency. From a business customer also company name, business ID, and VAT ID are recorded.

In addition, the content of the order, payment method, and delivery method are recorded.

Purpose and usage of the register

The information is used for managing customer relations and handling the orders as well as for statistical and marketing purposes.

Handling of customer data is based on agreement or consent.

Handling of customer data is done according to the EU privacy act valid 25.5.2018 onward.

Validity of the stored data

The customer information is stored in the register as long as it is used for the purposes mentioned above. In addition, some information may be stored for longer periods of time as long as it is necessary to fulfill legal requirements, e.g. bookkeeping or other responsibilities related to consumer trade.

Release of data to third parties

We only release necessary customer information to such third parties that are considered essential for the function of the service (logistics, payments, and collection of customer reviews).

Customer rights

A customer has the following rights with their personal data: review, correct, cancel, and remove.