Men's ultralight sports briefs
Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs Men's ultralight sports briefs

Men's ultralight sports briefs

MEN. Men's AERODAKS underpants for running and sports. Run lightly without chafing and clingy feeling in any weather.

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Do you run in old cotton briefs? Chafes and frictions? Then your choice is AERODAKS briefs that are made for running and sports.

Designed and manufactured in Australia and tested in Finland. These AERODAKS running briefs do not chafe or cling in rain or any weather.

Men's AERODAKS running briefs are light and firm, and they do not chafe even in moist or sweaty conditions. They are the optimal choice for endurance and performance sports, such as running and orienteering, but are very well suited for other sports as well.

Unique design

Wide hip section, no side seams, no central stitching, single layer underneath, double fronted with premium components and a unique cut means less irritation, more comfort and a better performance.

Premium micro-mesh

An engineered, bi-elastic techno-fabric designed and manufactured in Italy. Perforated, strong and very light (150gsm). Less weight without that clingy feeling means less sweat retention and effective wicking.

Wide 'woven' elastic

Woven elastic is the Rolls Royce of elastics - high strength and durable, it moves and bends but does not narrow when stretched. This means less hip pressure and more comfort.

No side-seams

The material wraps around your hips without any side stitching. This in combination with the wide woven elastic waistband and generous cut ensure less fabric movement, friction and pressure on your skin.

Double layered in front

A double mesh layer around your vital parts without central stitching. Protects you from unwanted friction and bounce whilst keeping you fresh and dry.

Removable drawstring

The drawstring is flat and adds additional security for rough sports/activities. It is on the outside to reduce irritation. It can be removed and the AERODAKS will be fully supported by the waistband.

Size chart

If you prefer a looser fit, you should choose the next size up. Our normally M sized tester felt that size 32 was quite tight-fitting, so he chose to use size 34 instead. You can adjust the tightness with the drawstring.

AERODAKS size3032343638

Returns and exchanges and the trial guarantee

Choose the correct size from the size chart above. If you still feel that you want to change the size or return the item, you need to inform us in 30 days after placing the order. Please note that the underwear need to be unopened due to hygienic reasons, otherwise we cannot refund. We however grant a trial guarantee for your first order - we will refund the cost of one item if within 30 days of the order date you indicate that you are not satisfied after trying the item and want to return the underpants back. You can read more about returns and refunds and the trial guarantee from the Terms and Conditions. We do not sell used underpants forward, so you can be sure that we always deliver only new and unused products.


We deliver quickly from our warehouse in Finland. Delivery to EU countries (other than Finland) and the UK is always 9.90 €. Free delivery on orders of 75 € or more. All deliveries are tracked.

Top runners about AERODAKS:

Brendan Davies ★★★★★

4 x AURA Ultra Runner of the Year

2 x Ultra168 AU Ultra Runner of the Year

"Super comfortable and work well in any race, short to ultra distance. They are the first bit of kit I put on on race morning - and they always set me up for a great day!"

Rob Krar ★★★★★

2 x World Ultra Runner of the Year

2 x Western States 100 Winner

"AERODAKS are my go-to brief for training and racing anytime I wear tights, half-tights or capri shorts. Ultra breathable and ultra light - they're everything I need and nothing I don't."

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